iPhone 6 release time, rumors and Current news

iPhone 6 release time, rumors and Current news  - Every thing we’ve heard to date about iPhone6

iPhone 6 release time, news and rumours Is definitely an even bigger iPhone on the road? Many people say :


iPhone 6 screen apparently set at 5 inches, due in September 2014 ,
iPhone 6′ in assessment, say people in the know,
European Commission really wants to know if Apple coerced mobile networks!!

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S have now been introduced. What exactly does that mean for your  iPhone 6?

Well, we’ll let you know. Or, at the very least, we’ll let you know what we are able to glean from rumor and speculation – some reliable, some less.

iPhone 6 release time, rumors and Current news  Every thing we've heard to date about iPhone6

iPhone 6 release time, rumors and Current news
Every thing we’ve heard to date about iPhone6

iOS 7: Apple’s new-look for iPhone and iPad


Given the iPhone’s history – in the 3G onwards, there’s been a half-step S model prior to the next numbered iPhone – so it was not surprising the 5S was first and so we’re considering 2014 to get a new iPhone 6.

One thing is without a doubt, with possible refreshes of HTC One and such tremendous devices as Sony Xperia Z, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the iPhone will need to significantly up its game.

iPhone 6 release day

The iPhone 6 release time is likely to be in 2014. It’ll follow the 5S which will be produced at the conclusion of the week..

Jefferies expert Peter Misek says that you will see a June 2014 release for your 6. We think it’ll be later than that, around a year following the 5S. Citi’s Glen Yeung also believes that we shall perhaps not see an iPhone 6 until 2014, even though that’s no big jump.

Curiously, in-may 2013 Stuff reported it received a photograph of the till program in a Vodafone UK store (which it’s since eliminated along with the mention of the Vodafone), with ‘4G iPhone 6′ listed.

Therefore iPhone 6 in quick succession and can we see equally an iPhone 5S? Some studies suggest a brand new 5S in the late the main year before a re-vamped iPhone 6 quite early in 2014.

iPhone 5SApple might have a new road-map, with new devices every fall and spring

iPhone 6 casing / housing

It’s been suggested that there may also be three size variations of the iPhone – take a look at these mocked up pictures by artist Peter Zigich. He calls the devices iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 XL & iPhone 6 (these seem rather like the iPhone 5C version however). Nevertheless, as ZDNet correctly points out, different size variations aren’t particularly simple to just magic out of nothing.

iPhone 5SPretty, yes, but additionally horrifically scratch-prone. Will the next iPhone have a plastic straight back?

The iphone 6 can finally do NFC

About time too. Well, that’s what iDownloadblog reckons, costing Jefferies expert Peter Misek. Many Android devices now feature NFC and Apple seems to have been pleased to be left out here.

See our movie below on which Apple must do to kill Samsung’s Galaxy S4
The 6 can work iOS 8

With iOS 7 venturing out of the barriers now, that’s bet from the next iPhone coming with iOS 8?

We’d assume a September or October release time for iOS 8 consistent with previous releases.

IOS 7 iOS 7: what do you consider?

iPhone 6 storage

We’ve already observed a 128GB iPad, why not just a 128GB iPhone 6? Yes, it will cost a lot of money, but high-spending early adopters love this stuff.
iPhone 6 house switch

Based on Business Insider, of the numerous iPhone 6 prototypes Apple has created, one has a huge Retina+ IGZO show and a ‘new form-factor without any home option. Motion get a handle on can also be perhaps included.’ It’ll certainly contain Apple’s new Touch ID finger-print technology however?
iPhone 6 screen

The Retina+ Sharp IGZO show, might have a 1080p Full-hd quality. It’s been widely reported that Apple can present two phone dimensions as it seeks to contend with the plethora of Android devices now available on the market.

Because China Times isn’t often right: it reckons the codename iPhone Math, which can be a mistranslation of iPhone+, could have a display, simply take that one with a pinch of salt. The same report shows that Apple will release multiple handsets throughout every season over and above the iPhone 5S and 6, which seems a little far-fetched to us.

Patents show that Apple continues to be considering marvelous morphing technology that could cover devices and even cameras. Will it make it in to the 6? Most likely not.

Jefferies expert Peter Misek also says he thinks the iPhone may have a larger screen. Different dimensions also seem rather prone to us – the term on the road after WWDC 2013 was that there will be 5.7-inch versions and 4.7.

More rumors in September 2013 point to some show, but this seems only a little big to us.

iPhone 6 cameraYou’ll probably be in a position to begin to see the camera lens within the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 model

Not really a big shock, this one: the following processor one is a quad-core A8 or an evolved A7. The large offer here is more energy with better efficiency, that ought to help battery life.

Update: Anybody longing for some juicy Samsung technology hidden underneath the iPhone 6 human anatomy is likely to be disappointed though, as studies suggest Apple is seeking to push its Korean competitor more from the image with its eighth-gen phone.

Apple is seemingly reducing the quantity of A8 processors it’s although it’s not severed ties completely just yet, having produced by Samsung.
iPhone 6 camera

Apple’s bought camera devices from Sony before, and this season we’re likely to visit a new, 13-megapixel indicator that uses up less space without compromising image quality.

An Apple patent, discovered by Apple Insider in Might 2013, shows something where an iPhone can remotely get a handle on other illuminating products – additional flashes. It’d work in an identical way to that seen in professional photography studios. Interesting stuff.

Say Cheese to the iPhone 6Will the 6 be useful for professional photographers? [Image credit: Apple Insider]

iPhone 6 eye-tracking

Something appears certain – Apple can’t disregard the significant movement towards eye-tracking technology from other suppliers, particularly Samsung. It appears a shoe-in that Apple will deliver some type of movement technology within the iPhone, probably from uMoove.
iPhone 6 instant getting

Instant getting is still not mainstream. Can Apple help give a force to it? CP Tech reviews that Apple has filed a patent for effective instant charging, however again Apple has filed patents for virtually such a thing possible.

The delicious little bit of this specific patent is that Apple’s technology wouldn’t just cost one system, but numerous ones. Listed below are more details about the iPhone 6 instant getting patent.

Meanwhile, an additional Apple patent appears to imply future iPhones will have the ability to regulate size as you move them from your head.

And can the 6 genuinely have 3D? It’s impossible, however the whispers continue coming.

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